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About Us

Ace Drops CBD is produced with the highest quality in multiple strengths of CBD oils and flavors to help you all in your day to day lifestyle, we spare no expense in the manufacturing of our CBD using state of the art growing and manufacturing techniques. We have also launched a CBD line for pets, Ace Drops Pets provide safe, versatile CBD oils to allow your pets to allow a better wellbeing and lifestyle. Ace Drops is a seed to sale CBD which is manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada in a high-tech laboratory and made from non-GMO organic hemp grown in the United States. We use the best in extraction equipment and the finest testing process within our facility where we utilize a hybrid manufacturing process that keeps all the natural CBD goodness in, while leaving all the unnatural additives out.
Our products utilize 100% natural and organic ingredients and are free from all artificial additives
MCT oil is the best instant source of energy to improve your endurance during a workout and can be used to fuel your brain.
Our Ace Drops contain no animal gelatin, no GMO`s, and are 100% vegan friendly.
Every single step of our development in a laboratory is independently tested to ensure you a safe product

The Journey

The founder started his journey in 2012, when he moved to Las Vegas from London, England to expand his nightlife concierge company. He followed the common mantra ‘Work hard, play hard’ and embraced the opportunity to build new relationships with people from all types of professions and industries. Through this process, he realized that no matter what walk of life you come from there is a mental and physical struggle, he also began to understand the major disruption it can have on your body including leading to anxiety, lack of sleep and speeding up the aging process. Like many people today, from time to time since his early adulthood the founder suffered with lack of sleep and anxiety. When the United States passed a law to allow CBD (Cannabinoid) to be developed and sold, he knew this was an opportunity where he could help others with their struggle. With his own experience, he started sleeping better and had a clearer frame of mind; which in turn helped him focus better on his own business. Fast forward to 2019 and an opportunity came about to partner up with one of the most advanced technological CBD manufacturing laboratories in Las Vegas. They used the highest CBD manufacturing equipment and produced a Broad-Spectrum CBD solution, without any trace of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). This partnership became the birthplace of Ace Drops CBD. We are now producing the highest quality in multiple strengths of CBD oils and flavors to help our customers in their day to day lifestyles. We have also launched a CBD line for Pets: Ace Drops Pets, which guarantees to provide safe, versatile CBD oils for your pet’s wellbeing and lifestyle.
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