What does ‘Pure CBD’ really mean?

Pure CBD Hempseed kit

Undeniably the best thing about CBD is the wide variety of products to choose from. But with many options come may questions and concerns like does the products contain THC, is this pure CBD oil or is CBD isolate and pure CBD oil the same thing? Let’s take detailed look at the ins and outs of pure CBD. 

What is CBD? 

CBD also known as Cannabidiol is obtained from hemp plant. CBD has gathered a lot of attention from many people due to its promising therapeutic profile. Anecdotal evidences suggest that CBD can help manage pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy and even symptoms of cancer. 

What makes it desirable is that it not only provides therapeutic benefits but it is also non psychoactive. Other compounds of hemp such as THC and CBN can produce an altered state of consciousness but CBD only provides relaxing sensation. 

What does pure CBD means? 

Pure CBD means that the CBD oil does not contain any other impurity or compound such as terpenes and cannabinoids except CBD.  

Types of CBD 

Manufacturers provide CBD in three forms i.e. CBD isolate, CBD full spectrum and broad spectrum.  

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD that doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids, terpenes or other compound. Pure CBD or CBD isolate is the same thing as they both have only pure CBD and nothing else. So you may come across pure CBD products labeled as CBD isolate. 

CBD full spectrum and broad spectrum are similar as they both contain all cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids of the plant. The only difference between these types is that full spectrum contains THC and broad spectrum contains no THC. 

Why buy pure CBD? 

There are many reasons people only prefer pure CBD such as THC intolerance, a drug test or they don’t want to get high. The best thing about pure CBD is that it doesn’t have any THC, so you won’t fail a drug test.  

 Now the question arises how to select or identify pure natural CBD oil or pure CBD product? 

This problem can be solved by reading the ingredients list of the product. Only buy products labeled as pure CBD or CBD isolate to enjoy its effects. 

Another most credible way to identify a pure CBD product is by analyzing the certificate of analysis or CoA. This documents has the detail of the type and quantity of all cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds in the product. 

CBD products 

Pure CBD can be obtained in a variety of products such as: 

  • CBD edibles: Pure CBD edibles can be eaten orally and they include brownies, gummies, and bars to name a few. 
  • CBD vape: CBD vape oil can also be used to vape CBD with the help of vape cartridges.  Vaping CBD results in instant effects of CBD. 
  • CBD topical: You can also use CBD pure topical to massage aching muscles or joints. 
  • CBD tinctures: CBD tincture are used sublingually with the help of a dropper. CBD gets assimilated in the blood immediately through this method. 

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