Which CBD Product is the right one for me?

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, oil products come in a multitude of forms that tend to leave CBD newbies confused as to which treatment method may be right for them.  These product types can typically be separated into two application categories: Topical and Oral. By knowing the difference between the two applications and the advantages of each, you can better understand which CBD product is best suited for your needs. 

CBD Topicals

  • CBD topicals help soothe mild physical discomfort.  Topical products are applied externally to the affected area, allowing CBD to be absorbed directly through the skin where cannabinoid receptors can be found.   
  • Because you apply CBD directly to the area of discomfort, the effects are immediate and more centralized than other application methods.  
  • CBD topicals have low bioavailability; the skin may not be permeable enough for CBD to reach the bloodstream.  So, the effects of CBD topical products are isolated to the area it was introduced, not the entire body. 

CBD topical products include: 

  • Creams  
  • Lotions  
  • Balms  

Oral CBD

If your CBD needs are more for internal or cognitive wellness than external or skincare, then taking oral CBD may be a better option.  There are two primary methods of consuming CBD orally: Sublingually, or “Under the Tongue,” and Ingestion. 

The several types of CBD Oral products include: 

Sublingually (Under the Tongue)

This method requires CBD drops to be placed underneath the tongue and held for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. The CBD gets absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue and enters directly into the bloodstream.  This process is usually done through Tincture related CBD products. 


Ingesting CBD is to directly swallow CBD either in the form of a pill, softgel, gummy, or other edible means.  

The CBD molecules have to first travel through your digestive system and make it to the liver where they are initially broken down; this process is known as the first-pass metabolism.  After the liver metabolizes the CBD, the remaining compounds are sent to the bloodstream.  Its due to this physiological process, that the result is less CBD being absorbed into the bloodstream.  However, research indicates that the effects of ingested CBD last longer than any other application method. 

CBD Topical vs. Oral – Which is Better?

The better question is: “Which one better suits your needs?”

CBD Topicals 

  • Using CBD topically allows the cannabidiol compounds to attach to the skin’s cannabinoid receptors where the topical cream is applied. It works best if you have a targeted area where you need CBD the most. With CBD topicals, the cannabinoid compounds never get absorbed into the bloodstream; however, the effects of topical CBD are more concentrated because it isn’t thinly spread throughout the entire body. It’s a suitable choice for people trying to relieve minor discomfort in joints and muscles or revitalize skin in distressed areas. 

Oral CBD 

  • Between taking CBD sublingually and ingesting it, the sublingual method offers faster effects because of its higher bioavailability, which allows more CBD to enter the bloodstream since it avoids the first-pass metabolism. Even though ingesting CBD may not let as many cannabinoids reach the bloodstream, its effect usually lasts longer than any other application method. 

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